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3. Launch XAMPP, Tutorial

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Start - Access - Stop Apache web server and MySQL server

From XAMPP Control Panel - basic actions - how to:

  1. start and access the Apache web server
  2. start MySql Server; access MySQL through PhpMyAdmin
  3. stop both Apache and MySQL servers; exit Control Panel

Video demonstration XAMPP: Start - Access - Stop Apache and MySql servers

3. Launch XAMPP, Tutorial

min video details
00:01 open Firefox
00:05 access your web server by typing in: 'http://localhost'
00:12 "Unable to connect" because Apache it's not running; let's start the web server
00:14 click on XAMPP Control Panel shortcut icon
00:18 click on 'Start' button
00:22 notice the status: 'running'
00:24 refresh the page (or F5)
00:30 it's working; our web server is up and running; by default it displays the 'xampp' directory, but we can change that
00:37 access phpMyAdmin (interface for SQL)
00:44 phpMyAdmin url is: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/
00:45 this error displays when MySQL server is not running
00:52 from XAMPP Control Panel, we will click on 'Start' button to start MySQL server
00:55 notice the status: 'running'
00:58 refresh the page (or F5)
01:07 it's working; phpmyadmin page displays; MySQL server is running
01:12 stop MySQL server
01:27 stop Apache server
01:40 exit XAMPP Control Panel