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8. Tests: dynamic IP - DDNS - domain points to home server, Tutorial

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Tests if localhost online, domain points to server, change IP (DDNS test)


  1. access the website via localhost
  2. access the website via Internal IP
  3. access the website via External Public IP
  4. access the website via domain name
  5. change IP; check if picked up by the Dynamic DNS Client
  6. DDNS account: check if the new IP has been updated
  7. DNS propagation check

Video demonstration: Tests: Website Online, hosted on home server XAMPP, dynamic IP(DDNS)

8. Tests: dynamic IP - DDNS - domain points to home server

min video details
00:02 Tests:
localhost online, website online, hosted on home server XAMPP, accessible via real domain name, ip changed DDNS
00:05 a) website accessible via localhost (from our PC only)
00:19 b) website accessible via Public External IP
00:29 c) website accessible via real domain name: d0main1.com bought from Enom Registrar
00:47 global dns propagation check
00:52 our public external IP has been assigned to our domain d0main1.com
01:00 the IP Updater 2.0 client has been downloaded and installed on our PC: it manages the changes of our dynamic IP: click here for a video tutorial
01:07 next we will force an IP change
01:15 next IP checking is in 1 minute
01:24 new IP ends in .143
01:31 this because we lost our Internet connection for a few seconds
01:42 the new IP has been picked up by the DDNS client
01:47 the website is UP
01:53 Loging in to our DDNS
02:09 checking the DNS for our domain
02:21 global dns propagation checker: our domain points to our changed new IP (the ....143 one)
02:29 DDNS: IP updated