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2. XAMPP: HTML website Test, Tutorial

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HTML website tested in XAMPP

HTML websites do not require a web server to be tested; therefore, you don't need XAMPP.
For example purpose, we will run 2 tests:

  1. test 1: the HTML website is tested straight in browser
  2. test 2: the HTML website is tested from server

Result: no difference; the display ⁄ functionality is identical in both cases

Video demonstration XAMPP: HTML website test

2. XAMPP HTML website Test, Tutorial

min video details
00:03 access localhost
00:11 open the browser
00:16 testing an HTML website:
a) straight in browser (right side of the screen)
b) from the server (left side of the screen)
00:19 open the HTML folder
00:22 the html website contains: 1 index.html file, 2 png images, 1 css and 1 javascript file, and a 'menu' folder grouping 4 html pages, one for each menu
00:35 BROWSER test:
00:35 test in browser: simply drag and drop the html folder containing the website and click the index.html file
00:39 that's the html website
00:42 SERVER test:
00:42 now we will test it from server:
Step1: add it to htdocs directory
Step2: access it from http://localhost
00:43 Step1: open htdocs directory by clicking the shortcut icon
If you want to know how to create a desktop shortcut icon to your htdocs directory, watch a video demo here
00:47 Step1: add your html website to htdocs directory
00:53 Step2: test your html website on server
00:56 the html website displays
00:59 Note: the display ⁄functionality of an html website is identical on both sides; the html websites can be tested straight in browser, no need for a server