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1. Localhost Online - Open port 80, Tutorial

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Make your localhost visible on Internet: 1. Open port 80

In order to make your server accessible to the World Wild Web (localhost online, visible on Internet) you need to:

  1. OPEN PORT80: »video
  2. PORTFORWARD »video
  3. CHECK PORT and ONLINE TEST »video

make sure the incoming traffic on port 80 is not blocked: your windows firewall can block it, your antivirus firewall can block it or your ISP:

  1. access Windows Firewall
  2. create 2 new Inbound Rules: TCP, UDP port 80

Video demonstration: Localhost Online - Open port 80

1. Open port 80, Tutorial

min video details
00:01 Oen Port 80 in Windows7
Firewalls and ISP
- our ISP does not block the Incoming Traffic on Port 80;
- we have no antivirus Firewall
- we have only the Windows Firewall

let's make sure the Windows Firewall does not block the Incoming Traffic on Port80
00:06 Access Control Panel
00:09 Access Windows Firewall
00:19 we will add 2 Inbound Rules:
1. port 80: TCP
2. port 80: UDP
00:27 1st Inbound rule: port80: TCP
00:43 a name at your choice
00:47 1st Inbound rule added
00:49 2nd Inbound rule: port80: UDP
01:05 a name at your choice
01:08 2nd Inbound rule added
01:27 next: portforward tutorial