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XAMPP Tutorial

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2. Install XAMPP, Tutorial

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Install XAMPP


  1. Run the executable file (.exe), this involves:
    • selecting the installation language & folder
    • installing Apache ⁄ MySQL ⁄ Filezilla as service or not
    • opting for a desktop shortcut icon

Video demonstration XAMPP Installation

2. Install XAMPP, Tutorial

min video details
00:01 click on the 'xampp...installer.exe' file
00:16 xampp will be installed in the selected language
00:25 Installation Folder 'xampp' in 'C:/' partition
00:26 errata: not the destination folder, the installation one
00:29 you can choose to install Apache, MySQL and Filezilla as service (to start when your pc starts) or not
00:30 click the 'Install' button
00:31 XAMPP installation in progress: BE PATIENT, might take 4-7 minutes more or less
01:33 click the 'Finish' button
01:35 XAMPP successfully installed!
01:40 start XAMPP Control Panel now (click yes) or later (click no)
01:43 XAMPP Control Panel shortcut icon on desktop