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3. Localhost Online - Port and ISP Test, Tutorial

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Make your localhost visible on Internet: 3. Port and ISP Test

In order to make your server accessible to the World Wild Web (localhost online, visible on Internet) you need to:

  1. OPEN PORT80: »video
  2. PORTFORWARD »video
  3. CHECK PORT and ONLINE TEST »video

3. XAMPP Online (Port and ISP test):

  1. check if port open
  2. if port open, test it

Video demonstration: Localhost Online - test

3. Port and ISP Test Tutorial

min video details
00:03 Quick Recap before test:

1. we ensured that Windows Firewall does not block the Incoming Traffic on port80: 2 inbound rules added in Windows Firewall: w1 and w2: click here for a video tutorial
00:17 2. we have no other Firewall installed that could block the Incoming Traffic on port80
00:25 3. we're behind a Router; we forwarded the Apache ports 80,443: click here for a video tutorial
00:33 XAMPP installed, Apache running: our PC acts like a server: click here for a video tutorial
00:55 let's run the Test
01:10 Check Port button
01:11 Success: I can see your service on ourserverIP(=PCExternalIP) on port 80
01:36 Note: currently our website is acesible via localhost, Internal IP and also External IP
01:52 test result ok: website accessible via External IP
01:58 However, if you encounter the "Access forbidden" warning, this is how you fix it: open the httpd.conf file
02:16 Change the directive: 'Deny from all' in 'Allow from all'
02:22 Save the modification
02:26 Restart the server
02:31 and re-access your website via External Public IP
02:36 next: Dynamic DNS DDNS Tutorial