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4. XAMPP .htaccess, Tutorial

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Learn to work with .htaccess file

If you want to use the .htaccess file :

  1. make sure module rewrite loads
  2. run a test

Video demonstration XAMPP: .htaccess

4. XAMPP .htaccess, Tutorial

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00:04 we have 3 files: index.html, test.php and the htaccess file
00:19 1 rewrite rule inside htaccess: each time we will access index.html, test.php will display
00:27 open htdocs directory
00:30 adding the 3 files on server (inside htdocs)
00:36 start XAMPP Control Panel
00:40 start Apache web server
00:47 Apache is running
00:49 open Apache's configuration file: httpd.conf
00:54 search for the rewrite module
00:57 make sure the nex line isn't commented: "LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so"
In case it is, remove the # sign, save file, and restart Apache, otherwise .htaccess file won't work
01:14 test: accessing "index.html" file and we should see the content of "test.php" displaying
01:21 test result:ok; htaccess is working!