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3. HTML5 files - Text manipulation, Notepad++ Tutorial

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Edit - delete - transform multiple text at once

Save time while editing your HTML files - tricks:

  1. set of actions on multiple text selection:
    1. edit multiple text at once
    2. delete multiple text at once
    3. transform multiple text: lowercase ⁄uppercase, in one click

Video demonstration HTML5 files Text manipulation in Notepad++

HTML5 files Text manipulation in Notepad++ Tutorial

min video details
00:07 example1: multiple select explained: click to start selection + hold down ALT key + select
00:10 example1: multiple edit explained: release ALT key, release mouse left click and start editing ⁄typing
00:12 example2: multiple select
00:14 example2: multiple edit
00:17 example3: multiple select
00:19 example3: multiple edit
00:27 select the text
00:29 right click: UPPERCASE
00:33 right click: lowercase