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Notepad++ Tutorial

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1.1 Customize Notepad++: General tab, Tutorial

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Notepad++ » Settings » Preferences » General tab

Learn to Customize Notepad++:

  1. General Section :
    • Toolbar, Menu Bar, Status Bar, Tab Bar: hide ⁄ display them
    • Modify icons size, tab size, lock tabs, enable document switcher or multi-line view..

Video demonstration Customize Notepad++: General tab

Customize Notepad++, General tab, Tutorial

min video details
00:05 open General tab: Settings menu-Preferences
00:10 TOOLBAR:
00:10 hide Toolbar
00:11 show Toolbar
00:12 small icons -Toolbar
00:13 big icons -Toolbar
00:14 standard icons -Toolbar
00:16 MENU BAR:
00:16 hide Menu Bar
00:18 show Menu Bar -use ALT key or F10
00:22 hide ⁄show status bar
00:24 show Document Switcher
00:31 Document Switcher: shortcut keys Ctrl+Tab
00:35 hide Document Switcher
00:37 TAB BAR:
00:37 hide ⁄show Tab Bar
00:39 show vertical Tab Bar
00:43 hide vertical Tab Bar
00:44 bigger ⁄smaller tabs
00:47 tabs aren't locked: can be moved
00:50 tabs are locked: can't be moved
00:57 lighten ⁄darken inactive tabs
00:59 a coloured bar on active tab or not
01:01 show a close button on each tab
01:06 do not show a close button on each tab
01:07 enable 'Double click to close document'
01:36 multiple files opened in Notepad++
01:39 using arrows to navigate through files
01:45 open General tab: Preferences window -Settings menu
01:46 enable Multi-line view
01:47 all tabs are visible and displayed on multiple lines