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4. Delete a Saved Macro in Notepad++, Tutorial

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How to Delete a Macro


  1. to delete a recorded macro you need to access the "Shortcut mapper" window from Macro menu
  2. then simply select the macro you wish to delete and hit the "OK" button

Note: deleted macro will no longer display in Macro menu, nor will be accessible via the previously defined shortcut keys

Video demonstration Delete a Macro in Notepad++

Notepad++ Delete a Macro, Tutorial

min video details
00:04 open Shortcut mapper window -Macro menu-Modify Shortcut⁄Delete Macro
00:06 select the macro -Shortcut mapper window
00:07 click on 'Delete' button -Shortcut mapper window
00:08 confirm macro deletion -Shortcut mapper window
00:12 the macro does not display anymore in Macro menu
00:14 the defined shortcut does not display the macro anymore