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Notepad++ Tutorial

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3. Launch Notepad++, Tutorial

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Launch Notepad++

basic actions:

  1. open Notepad++
  2. usage: HTML example
  3. save file: .html
  4. launch the saved file in Browser, straight from Notepad++
  5. close Notepad++

Video demonstration Notepad++ Start ⁄ Launch

Launch Notepad++ Tutorial

min video details
00:01 (double) click on Notepad++ desktop shortcut icon
00:02 Notepad++ is ready to use
00:03 HTML example: add HTML tags
00:06 save the html file - Save option-File menu
00:14 select file extension: html in our case
00:23 html file saved on desktop
00:27 Launch file in Browser -Run menu
00:42 close Notepad++
00:44 Open file in Browser -(double) click on it
00:57 Open file in Browser -right click on file -Open with -select browser
01:09 Open file in Browser -drag and drop the html file in browser
01:22 save the html file -Save icon
01:32 html file saved on desktop