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2. Notepad++ Style Configurator, Tutorial

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Modify the Notepad++ Style

Change the color schema, select your favorite Theme:

  1. Access Style Configurator window and :
    • select the desired theme
    • select the language you want (HTML in our case) and customize element's style: font style, name and size, the foreground and background color..

Video demonstration Notepad++ Style Configurator

Modify the Notepad++ Style, Tutorial

min video details
00:03 open Style Configurator window -Settings menu
00:06 changing default theme
00:16 selecting a Language: e.g. HTML
00:18 selecting an element for that language: e.g. tag
00:20 changing tag's style: foreground color
00:24 selecting a different element for that language: e.g. attribute
00:26 changing attribute's style: e.g. foreground color, font size, font style
00:34 once you have finished changing style, use 'Save & Close' button