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4. HTML5 files - markup manipulation, Notepad++ Tutorial

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HTML5 markup:

Save time while coding /adding tags to your HTML5 documents:

  1. activate "Auto-completion" mode: the HTML tag will be suggested even before you've finished typing it, thus it can be selected immediately
  2. easily drag and drop multiple HTML tags at once from one HTML page to another ("Move to other view" mode)
  3. arrange HTML tags in page: push ⁄ drag multiple tags at once, multiple selection
  4. change HTML tags direction at once: rtl (right-to-left direction) ⁄ ltr (left-to-right direction)

Video demonstration HTML5 files markup manipulation in Notepad++

HTML5 files markup manipulation in Notepad++ Tutorial

min video details
00:05 Auto-completion: disabled
00:15 open Backup ⁄Auto-Completion tab from Preferences window: Settings menu-Preferences
00:20 enable Auto-Completion on each input
00:25 Auto-Completion: enabled
00:46select tags, hold down Ctrl key while drag and drop
00:59push code: select tags, press TAB key
01:02drag code: select tags, press Shift+TAB
01:14Text Direction RTL - View menu
01:19Text Direction LTR - View menu