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3. Notepad++ Shortcut Mapper, Tutorial

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Shortcuts in Notepad++

Know the Important shortcuts:

  1. Shortcut mapper Window lists all defined shortcuts in Notepad++ :
    • access the 4 main tabs: Main menu, Macros, Run commands, Plugin commands
    • random shortcuts are demonstrated in the video below; also how you can modify an existing shortcut

Shortcuts are important = time saving !

Video demonstration Notepad++ Shortcut Mapper

Shortcuts in Notepad++, Tutorial

min video details
00:04 open Shortcut Mapper window: Settings menu -Shortcut Mapper
00:06 open Plugin commands tab
00:11 test: Run commands -'Wikipedia Search' shortcut
00:16 test result: ok
00:21 MACROS:
00:24 test: Macros -'basic structure html' shortcut
00:26 test result: ok
00:31 MAIN MENU:
00:36 test: Main menu- 'Go to' shortcut
00:43 test result: ok
00:55 test: Main menu- 'Join Lines' shortcut
01:01 test result: ok
01:10 test: Main menu- 'Move Up Current Line' modify shortcut
01:22 test: Main menu- 'Move Up Current Line' modified shortcut
01:23 test result: ok