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5. HTML5 files - Bookmarks, Notepad++ Tutorial

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HTML5 files: add, use and remove Bookmarks


  1. display the bookmark line
  2. start adding bookmarks
  3. navigate through bookmarks
  4. remove bookmarks when you don't need them anymore

Video demonstration HTML5 files - bookmarks, Notepad++

HTML5 files: add, use and remove Bookmarks in Notepad++, Tutorial

min video details
00:03 Bookmark line NOT displayed
00:04 open Editing tab from Preferences window: Settings menu-Preferences
00:08 Bookmark line displayed
00:12 add bookmarks by clicking on the bookmark line
00:20 navigate through bookmarks:
next bookmark: F2
previous bookmark: Shift+F2
00:32 remove bookmarks: one by one, by clicking on them
00:36 remove all bookmarks: Search menu-Bookmark-Clear All Bookmarks