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Notepad++ Tutorial

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1.2 Customize Notepad++: Editing tab, Tutorial

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Notepad++ » Settings » Preferences » Editing tab

Learn to Customize Notepad++:

  1. Editing Section :
    • customize the caret, your folder margin style
    • enable Multi-Editing
    • display or not the line number, the bookmarks line; highlight the current line..

Video demonstration Customize Notepad++: Editing tab

Customize Notepad++ Editing tab, Tutorial

min video details
00:04 open Editing tab: Settings menu-Preferences window
00:14 CARET:
00:14 change Caret's Width
00:17 result: caret width changed
00:19 change Caret's Blink rate
00:22 result: caret's blink rate changed
00:42 Folder Margin Style: Simple
00:44 Folder Margin Style: Arrow
00:45 Folder Margin Style: Circle tree
00:47 Folder Margin Style: Box tree
00:48 Folder Margin Style: None
00:52 Multi-Editing: Enabled
00:56 Multi-Editing: test - hold down Ctrl key while selecting the areas to edit; once done, release the Ctrl key and start editing the content
01:08 Multi-Editing: Disabled
01:12 hide ⁄display Line number
01:14 hide ⁄display Bookmarks line
01:23 disable ⁄enable current line highlighting
01:28 BORDER:
01:28 change border width: increase⁄ decrease