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3. Run a Saved and Recorded macro in Notepad++, Tutorial

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How to Run a Macro


  1. execute ⁄ run macro once
    • from Macro menu click on macro's name
    • or simply use the defined shortcut keys
  2. execute ⁄ run macro multiple times:
    • from Macro menu click the option "Run a Macro Multiple Times...", select the macro and specify how many times it should run

Note: running a recorded macro it's time saving !

Video demonstration Run a Macro in Notepad++

Notepad++ Run Macro, Tutorial

min video details
00:07 run saved macro -Macro menu
00:10 run saved macro -use defined shortcut
00:16 run a macro multiple times -Macro menu
00:18 select which macro, in case there is more than one
00:19 how many times the selected macro should run
00:19 run the macro