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html manifest attribute fixes: 2a)

2. updating the cached resources AND ALSO modifying the Manifest file

a) modifying the manifest file by adding one or more new resources to be cached

Tests results:

Conclusion: if you update a cached resource and also modify the Manifest file (+ re-uploading modified resources on Server of course), the user's cached resources from OfflineCache Directory update and display if he:

  1. access the page: assuming the page is not opened in Browser
  2. reloads ⁄refresh the page: assuming the page is opened in Browser

Video demonstration html manifest attribute: Fixes 2a)

HTML5 manifest file Fixes, Tutorial

min video details
00:02 open browser
00:09 clear recent history: cache, offline data...
00:13 accessing about:cache page
00:18 the Offline cache directory is empty
00:22 accessing an html file linked to a manifest file
00:24Allow data storage for Offline use
00:30 accessing the List of Cache Entries
00:32 4 resources have been cached, index.php is one of them
00:44 we will update the index.php file buy adding a paragraph
01:09 we will change the manifest file by adding a new resource (w3video.png) to be cached
01:12 quick recap:
1. we've updated a cached ressource: index.php
2. we've changed the manifest file by adding a new ressource:w3video.png
01:25re-uploading the changed cached resources: index.php and test.appcache on Server

Question: Will the updated index.php page display ?

01:40 Test 1: re-accessing the cached page in a new tab
Test result: NOT OK
the cached resources got updated but don't display; the page needs to reload ⁄refresh
01:48 Test 2: refreshing the cached page
Test result: OK
the cached resource, got updated and display
01:52 Test 3: closing and reopening the browser AND reaccessing the page
Test result: OK
the cached resource, got updated and display
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