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html manifest attribute fixes: 2c)

2. updating the cached resources AND ALSO modifying the Manifest file

c) modifying the manifest file by adding a commented line for new versions and automatically refreshing the page using meta tag

Tests result:

Conclusion: if your web page contains a meta tag which refreshes the page every x seconds, and if you update a cached resource and also modify the Manifest file (+ re-uploading modified resources on Server), then the user's cached resources from OfflineCache Directory update and display automatically

  1. after x seconds, in the same tab, no user participation required

Video demonstration html manifest attribute: Fixes 2c)

HTML5 manifest file Fixes, Tutorial

min video details
00:02 IMPORTANT Note: the meta refresh tag literally refreshes the webpage automatically taking away user's control on that page
Example: a user is watching a video on your web page and suddenly the pages refresh itself; the user loses control on that video
00:02 launch Firefox
00:06 clear recent history: cache, offline data...
00:10 access about:cache page
00:16 the Offline cache directory is empty
00:20accessing index.php file which is linked to the manifest file test.appcache
00:21Allow data storage for Offline use
00:21in this video tutorial we will see how we can make the cached resources to update and display on page when changing the manifest file by adding a commented line with details + add a meta refresh tag to the html page for the content to refresh automatically every x seconds
00:25 refreshing the about:cache page
00:28 accessing the List of Cache Entries
00:29 5 resources have been cached
00:42 main.css is a cached resource we will updated it
00:45 by changing page's background-color
01:00 making a change inside the manifest file (passing from v1 -> v2) for the browser to re-cache it
01:06 meta tag refreshing the page every 20 seconds, added to index.php file
01:06 test: waiting for the page to refresh itself at 01:19
01:10 quick recap:
1. inside index.php there's a meta tag refreshing the page every 20 seconds
3. we've changed the manifest file: on the commented line we've passed from v1 to v2 [we made a change for the browser to know that the manifest file has changed and to re-cache it]
2. we've updated a cached ressource: main.css
01:26re-uploading the changed cached resources: main.css and test.appcache on Server. Index.php file didn't change; the index.php file uploaded first time on Server already contained the meta tag that refreshed the page

Will the updates display ?

01:29 Test 1: waiting for 20 seconds for the page to refresh automatically; no user participation required
Test result: OK
the cached resource got updated and display when page refresh itself
01:49the updated page displays automatically
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