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html manifest attribute DISADVANTAGE

Manifest appcache DISADVANTAGE

The disadvantage of using the manifest attribute is the following:

  1. user's cached files (locally) do not refresh automatically when those files are modified on server


  1. by modifying the manifest file e.g. :
    • adding a new resource » video
    • or adding a commented line with details » video
    • or a commented line with details + meta refresh » video
  2. through JavaScript » video

Video demonstration html manifest attribute: DISADVANTAGE

HTML5 html manifest attribute: DISADVANTAGE, Tutorial

min video details
00:05 accessing an html page linked to a manifest file
00:07 allowing files local storage for Offline use
00:12 accessing the about:cache file and deleting the regular cache
00:23 checking the cached resources (3): the html page, its style page "main.css" and the manifest file itself
00:54 updating 2 files: the html one and the css file
01:50 the updated files have been uploaded on server, replacing the existing ones
02:09 disadvantage: the updated resources do not display; while accessing the same page as before, we still see the old version
02:29 test from another browser: Google Chrome; the updated web page displays
02:29 the updated version of the web site displays if users: clear their OfflineCache files and re-access the web page, or if they change their Browsers and re-access the web page.. but waiting and hoping for this to happen is NOT a solution
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