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html manifest attribute ADVANTAGES

Manifest appcache ADVANTAGES

The Advantages of using the manifest attribute are the following:

  1. less requests for server: cached resources are no longer requested to the Server; they are loaded from your pc, from Offline Cache Directory
  2. speed: resources stored on your local machine loads faster than those requested from Server
  3. webpages available offline: resources stored on your local machine don't need an Internet connection

The 3 advantages are demonstrated in the video tutorial below.

Video demonstration html manifest attribute: ADVANTAGES

HTML5 html manifest attribute: ADVANTAGES, Tutorial

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00:01 this video tutorial presents the advantages of using a manifest file:
1. less requests for server
2. speed: your web page is loading faster
3. web pages available offline due to the cached resources
00:11 starting Firebug
00:20 accessing manifest.html web page for the 1st time, page linked to a manifest file: 4 requests for server
00:22 allowing file storage for offline use
00:25 accessing the about:cache page
00:31 deleting the regular cache; we are interested in OfflineCache only
00:41 accessing the same manifest.html web page for the 2nd time, cached resources = yes, stored loacally during the 1st access : 2 requests ONLY for server
00:48 1st advantage:
1. less requests for server:
- 1st access: 4 requests
- 2nd access: 2 requests
(2 cached resources)
00:56 2nd advantage:
2. faster webpages:
- 1st access: 504ms
- 2nd access: 135ms
01:20 switching to Offline mode;
01:22 3rd advantage:
3. web pages available offline:
- the html page displays even Offline
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