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html ... /html, display in browser

Browser display, html element

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Video demonstration html element, view in browser

HTML5 html, browser display, Tutorial

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00:15 the html container does not display in browser
00:30 the head subcontainer also does not display in browser
00:43 the body element displays block but if empty (with no children) then it does not display at all
00:58 elements contained inside head subcontainer:
- few of them display in browser: e.g. the content of the title tag or the resource linked through link tag;
- the rest of them, don't display in browser: meta charset, meta description...
01:16 elements contained inside body subcontainer:
- in our demo all of them display in browser inside the block display while the display of each element depends strictly on that element: e.g. the image, the list of items, the heading 1
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