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link type attribute

The type attribute on the link element:

MIME types Examples for different resources:


<linkattribute="value(s)" >Examples
5.type=MIME type<link type="text⁄css" rel="stylesheet" href="URL">

Video demonstration link type attribute

HTML5 link type attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:07 this video tutorial presents the type attribute on a link element
00:17 there are 3 link elements on page
00:21 adding the type attribute to each link element
00:34 type attribute allows us to add the corresponding MUME type of the linked resource; this information is useful for user agents
00:42 the corresponding media type for an image .png format is: image⁄png
00:47 the corresponding media type for an cascading style sheet .css format is: text⁄css
00:52 the corresponding media type for an html file .php format is: text⁄html
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