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ol type attribute

The type attribute on the ol element:


3.type=1, a, A, i, I <ol type="1"> ... <⁄ol>
<ol type="a"> ... <⁄ol>
<ol type="A"> ... <⁄ol>
<ol type="i"> ... <⁄ol>
<ol type="I"> ... <⁄ol>

Video demonstration ol type attribute

HTML5 ol type attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:07 video tutorial: type attribute applied on ol element
objective: understanding type attribute and its values
00:17 this is an ordered list with 5 items
00:22 by default an ordered list displays numbers in an ascending order for each item of the list
00:30 but we can change that through type attribute
00:39 The VALUES of the type attribute
00:39 type= 1
displays numbers (integers)
00:52 type= a
displays latin letters in lowercase
01:04 type= A
displays latin letters in uppercase
01:16 type= i
displays roman numerals in lowercase
01:26 type= I
displays roman numerals in uppercase
01:37 type attribute allows you to decide the kind of marker: 1 ⁄ a ⁄ A ⁄ i ⁄ I
to be displayed in front of each item of the list
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