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style type attribute

The type attribute on the style element:


2.type=MIME type<style type="text/css"> CSS rules <⁄style>

Video demonstration style type attribute

HTML5 style type attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:08 video tutorial style element, type attribute
objective: adding the corresponding MIME type to the internal style sheet
00:15 - the type attribute is optional
- if missing, like in our case, the default media type is text⁄css
00:22 - the rules inside the style element belong to CSS
- the corresponding MIME type for CSS is: text⁄css → the value of the type attribute will be: text⁄css
00:29 as we said, adding the type attribute is optional, more, is the type attribute is missing, the default value is text⁄css, BUT for example purpose we will add the type attribute to the style element with the value text⁄css
00:37 adding the type attribute to the style element represents useful information for user agents
00:37 note: this kind of information does not display in browser
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