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li ... ⁄li, display in browser

Browser display, li element

The bullets of the items of an ul (unordered list) can be replaced with a customized image, through CSS, like this:


Instead of bullets, the image check.png will display in front of each item of the list.

Video demonstration li element, view in browser

HTML5 li, browser display, Tutorial

min video details
00:05 li element: browser display
00:18 this video tutorial presents the display of an li element located inside the next elements: ul, ol, menu
00:25 browser display: li inside ul
00:26 empty li: display bullets
00:31 non-empty li: display bullets + content
00:38 browser display: li inside ol
00:39 empty li: display numbers
00:45 non-empty li: display numbers + content
00:54 if type attribute is specified on the ol start tag, then the li display depends on its value
01:00 type=i displays roman numerals in lowercase
01:06 for more information about type attribute and the rest of its values, see the corresponding video tutorial here
01:21 browser display: li inside menu
01:21 note: menu element is not yet supported in browser
01:25 browser display: it's should not display like this
01:30 it might look something like this
li intro li parents - children li syntaxli value attribute