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li value attribute

The value attribute on the li element:

Warning: value attribute can be added only on li elements children of an ol element.


1.value=integer<li value="4">

Video demonstration li value attribute

HTML5 value attribute on li element tutorial

min video details
00:09 video tutorial: value attribute applied on li element
objective: understanding the value attribute and its values
00:19 value attribute cannot be applied on an li element:
- child of an ul element, OR
- child of a menu element
00:36 value attribute can be applied only on an li element:
- child of an oi element
00:41 Example 1
00:41 removing player A from the list; player A has the rank 1
00:45 once removed player A, player B has now rank 1 instead of 2
00:51 we can change the ordinal value of the player B by:

1. either using start attribute on ol element

2. either using value attribute straight on li element
01:21 Example 2
01:21 let's add player D in replace of C, whose rank is 4 and not 3
01:27 to change the ordinal value of the 2nd item of the list (= player D), we will use again the value attribute
01:37 value attribute allows you to set the ordinal value of an item (li) inside an ordered list (ol) ONLY
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