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a ... ⁄a, display in browser

Browser display, a element

Note: the default colors of a link can be changed with CSS!

Video demonstration a element, view in browser

HTML5 a, browser display, Tutorial

min video details
00:10 video tutorial: a element, browser display
objective: recognize the a element in browser
00:16 adding a element in page
00:25 empty a element (start tag, end tag) does not display in browser
00:29 adding text between the start tag, <a>, and the end tag, <⁄a>, of the a element
00:35 the text added inside a element displays in browser BUT is not linked to anything yet (is not clickable)
00:40 linking the text "w3 video" to an external resource (the website w3-video.com) through href attribute
00:53 the linked text became blue and is clickable
00:54 the text "w3 video" represents a hyperlink (a clickable text that involves navigation toward the linked resource)
01:00 the default color of a hyperlink is: blue which means that the link has not yet been visited → is unvisited
01:03 the default color of an active hyperlink is: red
- active means: the linked text is clicked: the left mouse button is pressed and has not yet been released
01:08 when the left mouse button is released, the linked resource, w3-video.com, displays
01:12 the default color of a visited hyperlink is: purple
01:18 let's see the default hyperlink's colors once again:
- blue = unvisited
- red = active
- purple = visited
01:28 the default colors of a hyperlink (hypertext anchor) can be changed through CSS
01:29 new colors for links (our choice):
- gray for unvisited
- orange for active
- green for visited

please note: selecting new colors is your choice
01:47 we can add css rules for when hovering the mouse over the link: in our case we've added a line under it → we underline it
a intro a parents - childrena content model: transparenta warninga syntaxa download attributea href attributea hreflang attributea rel attributea target attributea type attributea itemprop attribute