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a href attribute

The href attribute on the a element:

Warning: if href attribute is absent, no other specific attribute can be added on a element


2.href=URL<a href="page1.php"> Go to a new page <⁄a>
<a href="#idvalue"> Jump to a section within the current page <⁄a>

Video demonstration a href attribute

HTML5 a href attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:11 video tutorial: a element, href attribute
objective: understanding href attribute
00:15 href attribute is optional
00:19 href attribute: absent
00:20 if href attribute is absent like in our case, a element does not create a hyperlink or an anchor
00:25 simple text, not clickable (no hyperlinks, anchors)
00:31 href attribute: present
00:31 b1) if href attribute is present, a element creates a hyperlink
00:32 adding the href attribute on the first a element, with the value: http://www.w3-video.com
00:47 the blue text "Visit w3-video.com" is a hyperlink
00:56 b2) if href attribute is present, a element creates an anchor
01:02 adding the href attribute to the second a element, with the value: #w3v
01:18 the blue text "About w3-video.com" is a hypertext anchor
01:22 when clicking on it will be taken to the last paragraph on page because this one has the id="w3v"
01:25 test result: ok
01:38 index.php#w3v = index.php + #w3v
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