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optgroup ... ⁄optgroup, display in browser

Browser display, optgroup element

Video demonstration optgroup element, view in browser

HTML5 optgroup, browser display, Tutorial

min video details
00:02 video tutorial: testing the browser display of the optgroup element
00:10 empty optgroup element (start tag, end tag only) does not display in browser
00:17 non-empty optgroup element (option elements inside each group) does not display in browser, but indent the options
00:37 the name of a group given by the value of the label attribute (which is a required attribute) displays in browser, inside the drop-down list in bold and Italic
00:51 removing 1 group to highlight the impact in browser of the presence ⁄absence of the optgroup element on option elements
00:56 grouped options
00:59 ungrouped options
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