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optgroup disabled attribute

The disabled attribute on the optgroup element:


1.disabled= "",  , disabled<optgroup disabled> ... <⁄optgroup>
<optgroup disabled=""> ... <⁄optgroup>
<optgroup disabled="disabled"> ... <⁄optgroup>

Video demonstration optgroup disabled attribute

HTML5 optgroup disabled attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:00 video tutorial: disabled attribute on optgroup element
00:05 disabled attribute on optgroup element allows you to disable a group of options (is an optional attribute)
00:12 let's disable this first group + all its options
00:25 the first group is disabled (user interaction is not possible: e.g. unable to select an option)
00:33 for example purpose we will disable the second group also
00:40 the 2nd group is also disabled (user interaction is not possible)
00:47 'disabled' represents the minimized form of the attribute, returns the true value = disables the group
00:50 disabled can have the next 2 values, both returning the true value also:
- the empty string: ""
- attribute's canonical name: "disabled"
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