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wbr, display in browser

Browser display, wbr element

Video demonstration wbr element, view in browser

HTML5 wbr, browser display, Tutorial

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00:04 video tutorial: testing the browser display of the wbr element
00:12 empty wbr element (start tag, end tag, only) does not display in browser
00:17 the wbr element has no content, no children because it has no 'inside' (no end tag, it's a void element)
00:28 facts: paragraph nested inside 2 div elements of a fixed width: 325px
00:32 note how the text length exceeds the width of the div
00:37 we may fix this by adding a line break opportunity (wbr) after d letter
00:40 the visual effect of the wbr in browser: it breaks the line, pushing the text that comes after it on the next line
wbr intro wbr parents br vs wbr wbr syntax