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datalist ... ⁄datalist, display in browser

Browser display, datalist element

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Video demonstration datalist element, view in browser

HTML5 datalist, browser display, Tutorial

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00:01 video tutorial: testing the browser display of the datalist element
00:08 empty (start tag, end tag only) datalist element: does not display in browser
00:13 non-empty (options inside) datalist element: does not display in browser
00:22 datalist element connected with input element through the value 'time': this value represents our free choice
00:28 non-empty datalist element (with children, option elements) attached to input element: the values of the value attributes on the option elements display as suggestions at user input
00:30 the list of suggestions adapts based on user input, displaying suggestions accordingly
datalist intro datalist parents - children datalist syntax