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td ... ⁄td, display in browser

Browser display, td element

Video demonstration td element, view in browser

HTML5 td, browser display, Tutorial

min video details
00:05 testing the browser display of the td element
00:13 empty td element (start tag and end tag only, no content inside) does not display in browser
00:23 the content of the td element displays in browser
00:30 let's highlight the cell (td) by adding the border attribute to the table
00:34 this is the data cell inside the table
00:40 inside td element we can simply add content (text) or we can nest elements, in which case the browser display of the content of the nested element strictly depends on that element
00:43 checking the browser display of a possible td children: e.g. img element
00:56 the image displays in table's cell td
(for all the rest, check the list of elements that can be nested inside td element: here)
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