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table ... ⁄table, display in browser

Browser display, table element

Display type: block

Video demonstration table element, view in browser

HTML5 table, browser display, Tutorial

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00:05 video tutorial : testing the browser display of the table element, its children and the children of its children
00:09 table element with no children, only :
- the start tag: <table>
- and the end tag: <⁄table>
does not display in browser
00:23 table's children: caption element, thead element, tbody element and tfoot element
00:28 each thead ⁄ tbody ⁄ tfoot element having row(s) (tr element) and each row having cells (th element ⁄ td element)
00:38 browser display
00:38 1. table's border displays in browser (given by "border" attribute)
00:45 2. table's caption displays in browser (given by the content of the caption element)
00:54 3. table's cell display in browser (given by the content of the th or td elements)
table intro table parents - children table syntaxtable border attribute