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script.../script inline, imported, data islands

I. inline scripts

inline script = script statements added in page between <script> and <⁄script>

II. imported ⁄ external scripts

imported script = an external script file, containing scripting statements, linked to the current page through src attribute

III. Data blocks ⁄ data islands

data blocks = data (not scripts) embedded inline, whose format is given by the value of the type attribute

Video demonstration script element: inline scripts, external scripts, data islands

HTML5 inline scripts, external scripts, data islands, Tutorial

min video details
00:11 The script element allows you to include:
00:11 - scripts: inline or external
00:15 - data islands (blocks)
00:25 Use the script element to include:
00:25 1. inline scripts
- src attribute required
01:01 2. external scripts
- src attribute required
02:03 3. data islands (data blocks)
- type attribute is required
02:48 note: data islands don't display in browser
script intro script browser display script parents - script statements script syntaxscript async attributescript charset attributescript defer attributescript type attributescript src attribute