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q ... ⁄q, blockquote ... ⁄blockquote, display in browser

Browser display, q element

Display type: inline

Browser display, blockquote element

Display type: block

Video demonstration q, blockquote elements, view in browser

HTML5 q, blockquote browser display, Tutorial

min video details
00:04 video tutorial: testing the browser display of the q and blockquote elements
00:13 the block quotation, blockquote
00:15 the inline quotation, q
00:23 the content of the blockquote displays block, with:
1em top and bottom margin and
a 40px left and right margin
00:30 the content of the q: displays inline, with:
quotation marks around it
00:36 empty elements:
<q> <⁄q>
<blockquote> <⁄blockquote>
don't display in browser
q intro q parents - children q wrong usage exampleq syntaxq, blockquote: cite attribute