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option ... ⁄option, display in browser

Browser display, option element

Video demonstration option element, view in browser

HTML5 option, browser display, Tutorial

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00:04 video tutorial: testing the browser display of the option element
00:17 empty option element reserves the space for the option inside the drop-down list, but does not display anything
00:25 the content, type text, of the option element displays in the drop-down list of options
00:39 grouped options display indented, under their corresponding group inside the drop-down list
00:55 option element, child of a datalist element does not display in browser
01:03 when datalist element is connected to an input control, the value of the value attribute of the option element may display as suggestion to a user input
option intro option optional, occurrences option parents - children option(s) selected vs pre-selectedoption syntaxoption disabled attributeoption selected attribute