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meta, display in browser

Browser display, meta element

The meta element is a void element (has no content): nothing to display in browser

Display type: na

Video demonstration meta element, view in browser

HTML5 meta, browser display, Tutorial

min video details
00:02 video tutorial: testing the browser display of the meta element
00:10 empty meta element (start tag only) does not display in browser
00:21 the meta elements with attributes and values do not display in browser
00:29 if a default style is set up through a pragma directive e.g. http-equiv="default-style", then this style is displayed in page : in our case main2.css displays instead of main.css
00:38 if the description provided through meta tag is accurate and relevant to your page, the seacrh engines (e.g. Google) might use it in search results snippets
00:46 let's see an example of snippet generated by Google based on the description provided
00:48 google search: w3-video.com
00:57 snippet generated by Google based on the description provided and not only
01:08 check out the source code of the page
01:12 searching for meta description
01:30 the value of the content attribute pair of the description metadata name displays in Google snippet
01:33 the description used in the snippet generated by Google
01:37 because the description is too short, Google included in the snippet also parts of visible text found on our page like: "web tutorials" and "W3-video.com is a Free..."