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select autofocus attribute

The autofocus attribute on the select element:


1.autofocus="",  , autofocus<select autofocus> ... <⁄select>
<select autofocus=""> ... <⁄select>
<select autofocus="autofocus"> ... <⁄select>

Video demonstration select autofocus attribute

HTML5 select autofocus attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:00 vide tutorial: autofocus attribute on select element
00:05 autofocus attribute on select control makes the control to get focus when the page is loaded
00:17 the select control did not get focus because the autofocus attribute is not present on select tag
00:25 adding the autofocus attribute on select tag
00:31 the select control is focused because the autofocus attribute (its minimized form) is present on select tag
00:37 autofocus attribute, if present, may have no value (attribute minimized form) or may have the next 2 values:
- the empty string: ""
- attribute's canonical name: "autofocus"
(both values return the true value → the element gets focus when page is loaded)
00:52 if you do not want the select control to get focus when the page is loaded, simply don't add the autofocus attribute on the control
00:59 Example:
2 select controls on page:
- the first one has the autofocus attribute → will be focused when page is loaded
- the second one does not have the autofocus attribute → will NOT be focused when page is loaded
01:12 you can move through focusable elements in page using Tab key from the keyboard
01:20 but when the page is loaded, the control already focused is the one having the autofocus attribute on it
01:24 moving the autofocus attribute on the second select control in page
01:30 now this second control gets focus when page is loaded due to autofocus attribute on it
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