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q cite attribute, blockquote cite attribute

The cite attribute on q, blockquote elements:


1.cite=URL<q cite="citation_source.php"> ... <⁄q>
<blockquote cite="citation_source.php"> ... <⁄blockquote>

Video demonstration cite attribute on q, blockquote tags

HTML5 cite on q, blockquote Tutorial

min video details
00:05 video tutorial: cite attribute on q and blockquote elements
00:05 since both elements allow you to add a quotation
00:08 cite attribute allows you to add the source of the quotation
00:12 we have 2 quotations in page: a block quotation and an inline quotation
00:17 in browser: the block quotation: blockquote
00:19 in browser: the inline quotation: q
00:22 we will add the cite attribute on both quotations
00:33 next we will specify the source (URL) of the block quotation
00:43 and the source (URL) of the inline quotation
00:49 a source (URL) for each quotation has been added; this source does not display in browser; it's for private use
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