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progress max attribute

The max attribute on the progress element:

"value(s)" restrictions:


2.max=default 1, valid floating-point number<progress value="2" max="9"> ... <⁄progress>

Video demonstration progress max attribute

HTML5 progress max attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:02 video tutorial: max attribute on progress element
00:05 max attribute on progress element holds the value that represents the completion of a task
00:12 max attribute present, value=500 → when the progression will reach 500, the task will be completed ⁄ finalized
00:19 max="500"
00:23 task in progress
00:35 task completed = it reached the max limit=500
00:51 max attribute present, value=500
value attribute present, value=300 → the task progresses starting with the 300 value until it reached its completion, its maximum value of 500
00:58 starts with value=300
01:15 max attribute absent, default value=1
value attribute present, value must be between 0 and 1, 0.5 in our case → the progress bar displays half in green
01:28 - if present, the value of max attribute must be greater than 0
- if absent, by default max=1 → if value attribute specified can be only between 0 and 1
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