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ol start attribute

The start attribute on the ol element:


2.start=integer<ol start="2"> ... <⁄ol>

Video demonstration ol start attribute

HTML5 ol start attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:07 video tutorial: start attribute applied on ol element
objective: understanding start attribute and its values
00:16 in the next ordered list, players rank is:

player A: 1
player B: 2
player C: 3
player D: 4
00:25 let's remove player A from the list:
player A: rank 1
00:35 now player B has the rank 1 and this is not correct since this rank belongs to players A
thing achievable through the start attribute
00:41 in order to fix this we need to make the list to start with number 2
01:05 the list is now correct:
rank 2 corresponds to player B
01:09 in the same way, if we remove player B from the list, we need to change the value of the start attribute (from 2 to 3) to reflect the reality
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