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map name attribute

The name attribute on the map element:


1.name=text<map name="pirate_map"> ... <⁄map>

Video demonstration map name attribute

HTML5 map name attribute Tutorial

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00:05 video tutorial: name attribute on map
00:11 name attribute allows you to add a name to your map element
00:31 map's name does not display in browser
00:34 this image is not yet a map' it will be the moment we will connect the img element to the map element through map's name
00:44 connecting the img element to the map element through map's name
00:53 the image is now an image map
01:05 if the img element is not connected to the map element, the image is not an image map: no areas to click on
01:20 multiple map elements are allowed per HTML document but with different names
01:31 if the id attribute is present, name's value and id's value must be the same
01:42 if you wish to link your img to another map element in page, simply use the name of that map element
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