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iframe srcdoc attribute

The srcdoc attribute on the iframe element:

Note: if both src and srcdoc are present on iframe element, srcdoc ensures the content of the iframe while src provides the fallback content



7.srcdoc=HTML elements<iframe srcdoc="<!doctype html>..."> ... <⁄iframe>

Video demonstration iframe srcdoc attribute

HTML5 iframe srcdoc: escaping quotes and ampersands

min video details
00:00 video tutorial: srcdoc attribute on iframe element
00:12 currently we have an empty iframe on page
00:16 we will load the index2.php file inside the iframe contained by the index.php file through srcdoc attribute
00:35 the srcdoc attribute on iframe element lets you directly add the whole content of an HTML document, this content HTML5 valid, represents the content of the iframe
00:54 the content of the iframe does not display, because the quotes and the ampersands must be escaped, let's do this
01:28 quotes must be escaped and the ampersands must be doubly escaped, both in url (url as value of an attribute) and in prose (prose= the content of an element)
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