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iframe src attribute

The src attribute on the iframe element:


6.src=URL<iframe src="http://any_site.com/file.php"> ... <⁄iframe>
<iframe src="folder/file.php"> ... <⁄iframe>
<iframe src="file_to_embed.php"> ... <⁄iframe>

Video demonstration iframe src attribute

HTML5 iframe src attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:00 video tutorial: scr attribute on iframe element
00:05 empty frame
00:10 we currently have an empty frame on page
00:13 we can load the index2.php document inside this iframe through src attribute
00:25 since our document is bigger than iframe's dimensions, scrollbars will display
00:31 src attribute allows you to specify the URL of the document to be contained by the iframe
00:47 index2.php document has been loaded inside the iframe from index.php file
00:56 the src attribute can hold both absolute and relative URLs
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