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iframe seamless attribute

The seamless attribute on the iframe element:


5.seamless="",  , seamless<iframe seamless> ... <⁄iframe>

Video demonstration iframe seamless attribute

HTML5 iframe seamless attribute Tutorial

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00:00 video tutorial: seamless attribute on iframe element
00:10 our 2 iframes display properly in page, each one having a border that surrounds it, thus highlighting the frame that holds the content of a distinct document
00:19 both iframes have a border
00:24 seamless attribute on iframe element cancels the specific display of the iframe (no border) making the content of the iframe to display like part of the document that contains it
00:33 the first iframe is no longer highlighted due to seamless attribute (no border around it)
00:39 use seamless attribute if you wish the content of the iframe to display like part of the current document and not like a distinct document inside a frame
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