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iframe sandbox attribute

The sandbox attribute on the iframe element:


4.sandbox= "",  ,
allow popups,
<iframe sandbox> ... <⁄iframe>
<iframe sandbox="allow-forms"> ... <⁄iframe>

Video demonstration iframe sandbox attribute

HTML5 iframe sandbox attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:00 video tutorial: sandbox attribute on iframe element
00:06 sandbox attribute implies security rules to ensure safe embedding of the content
00:10 security rules:
- the plugins, forms, scripts are disabled
- navigation to another browsing-context is disallowed and so is the same-origin treatment
00:22 the framed document, index3.php, contains scripts and a link that targets the top browsing-context
by default iframe impose no restriction:
- script works
- navigation to another browsing context is allowed
00:37 when sandbox attribute us added on iframe element like this:
<iframe sandbox> or <iframe sandbox=""> all the security rules previously mentioned apply to it → scripts are disabled
navigation to other browsing-context disallowed...and so forth
00:50 the security rules can be removed by specifying their corresponding "allow-" form
00:57 scripts have been enabled, navigation to other browsing-contexts is still disallowed
01:10 navigation to other browsing-context is now allowed the linked document opens in the top-browsing context
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