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cite attribute: del cite, ins cite

The cite attribute on the del element:

The cite attribute on the ins element:


1.cite=URL<del cite="filex.php"> ... <⁄del>
<ins cite="filex.php"> ... <⁄ins>

Video demonstration del, ins tags: cite attribute

HTML5 cite attribute on del, ins Tutorial

min video details
00:05 video tutorial: cite attribute on del and ins elements
00:09 cite attribute holds the URL of a resource that explains why the content has been marked as deleted (del) or inserted (ins)
00:15 example:
adding the cite attribute to del element
00:18 the URL of the resource that explains why 'twice' has ben marked as deleted
00:29 example:
adding the cite attribute to ins element
00:30 if the same resource (= file.php) explains why 'once' has been marked as inserted, then you can copu/paste teh cite attribute with its value on ins element, otherwise change the resource: e.g. file2.php in our case
00:41 this resource introduced through cite attribute is for private use and not for your visitors; does not dispaly in browser
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