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area target attribute

The target attribute on the area element:

Warning: target attribute can be used only if href attribute is present on area element.


<areaattribute="value(s)" >Examples
8.target=_blank, _self, _parent, _top,
a valid browsing-context name
<area href="area1.php" alt="area 1" target="_blank">
<area href="area1.php" alt="area 1" target="_self">
<area href="area1.php" alt="area 1" target="_parent">
<area href="area1.php" alt="area 1" target="_top">
<area href="area1.php" alt="area 1" target="browsing_context-name">

Video demonstration area target attribute

HTML5 area target attribute Tutorial

min video details
00:00 video tutorial: target attribute on area element
00:08 target attribute on area element allows you to specify the browsing context in which the linked resource will open⁄display
00:17 1. target attribute absent:
default value "_self" (browser's default behavior)
00:23 the linked resource css.php will open in the current window
00:27 2. adding the target attribute on area element: value ="_blank"
00:37 the linked resource css.php will open in a blank new browsing context (a blank new window)
00:45 changing browser's settings:
opting for new tab instead of new window
00:50 the linked resource opened in a new tab instead of a new window
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